Have you tried our looping word puzzle LOOPBACK? How about our scrambled Moby-Dick puzzle OMBY? Do you enjoy those puzzles, but wish you could put down your phone or tablet and solve them with pen and paper?

If so, then you might enjoy printing and solving this LOOPBACK Moby-Dick puzzle from a limited edition printed book that we put together!

The puzzle consists of a partially-filled grid of sixteen looping eight-letter words, each taken from a sentence in Moby-Dick. The missing word from each sentence will wrap completely around the corresponding numbered black center cell in the grid. It is up to you to determine where the word begins and ends, and also whether it reads clockwise or counterclockwise about its black center cell.

In this example, you can see that the missing (admittedly contrived) word is MOBYDICK, which fits clockwise around black center cell number 5.

Learn more about the book here. If there’s enough interest we might produce more and put them up for sale.

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