[Updated Mar 3, 2018: Added Frankenstein!]

We had so much fun with The Colors of Moby-Dick that we decided to give the books included in OKBOS the same treatment!

Each colored square (including white) corresponds to a CSS color name mentioned in the text, in order from beginning to end. Hover over a square (or tap it on a touch device) to reveal the text mentioning the color.

Can you find the “great yellow blotches of lichen upon the grey walls” in Sherlock Holmes? How about the “White Rabbit with pink eyes” in Alice in Wonderland?

Presented in order of decreasing colorfulness:

The Colors of Sherlock Holmes
The Colors of Little Women
The Colors of Jane Eyre
The Colors of Alice in Wonderland
The Colors of Frankenstein
The Colors of Sense and Sensibility
The Colors of Pride and Prejudice